How to Shop for One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Toilets
One- vs. Two-Piece Toilets
One-piece toilets integrate tank and bowl into a seamless, space-saving design that is easy to clean. Some low-profile models can be installed under a vanity extension when space is at a premium. Because of their special design detail, most one-piece KOHLER toilets ship with a complementary Quiet-Close™ toilet seat with Quick-Release™ functionality.
Two-piece toilets feature the traditional design of a separate tank and bowl. Two- and three-bolt installation systems provide a sturdy, level connection between the tank and bowl, making installation easy.
How to Shop for Toilet Bowl Shapes
Bowl Shape
Compact elongated one-piece toilet designs enable an elongated bowl to fit in a round-front space.
Elongated bowls provide added room and comfort for adults. These will have the abbreviation “EB.”
Round-front bowls require less space and are good for small children. These are also referred to as “plain bowls” with the abbreviation “PB."
Rough-in Size
The rough-in is the distance between the outlet pipe and the wall behind the toilet. Toilets are available in various sizes to fit different rough-ins, so choosing the right size is crucial. To find out the size of your toilet rough-in, simply measure from the wall behind the toilet to the bolt caps of your current toilet. Do not include baseboards in your measurements.
How to Shop for Comfort Toilets
Comfort Height® Toilets
Comfort Height toilets, approximately 2 inches taller than traditional toilets, make sitting down and standing up easier. Toilets that measure between 17 and 19 inches in height from the floor to the top of the seat are considered Comfort Height toilets, whereas traditional toilets measure below 17 inches in height. Many Comfort Height toilets are also ADA-compliant when installed per the applicable guidelines.
How to Shop for Flushing Technologies
Flushing Types
Kohler offers two main toilet flushing types: gravity and assisted. Gravity flushing comes in two types: siphonic, which uses the flow of water and the s-shape of the trapway to create a siphoning action, and washdown, which uses the force of gravity to send all of the water through the rim and out. Assisted flushing moves water from the tank to the bowl and out of the trapway using electricity.
Touchless Flush Technology
Touchless technology allows you to flush your toilet by just placing your hand over the sensor, minimizing the spread of germs around the bathroom. Touchless flushing is available on the Cimarron® and San Souci® Touchless toilets, or you can convert almost any other toilet to have a no-touch flushing toilet with the Touchless kit.
How to Shop for Gallons Per Flush (GPF) Toilets
Gallons Per Flush
From 1.6 to 0.6, KOHLER water-saving toilets offering features a range of gallons-per-flush options to meet your household’s needs. If you’re searching for a high-efficiency toilet to save water and reduce monthly water bills, we offer water-saving toilets in both gravity-fed and assisted-flush models.
Wall-hung Toilets
With their concealed tanks and minimal footprints, wall-hung toilets offer some distinct advantages over standard toilets. They’re particularly suited to small bathrooms, since they save at least a foot of space compared to the longest floor-mount models. And because the mounting hardware is completely concealed, they have a sleek, seamless look and are easy to clean.
How to Shop for Toilets with Concealed & Skirted Trapways
Toilets with Concealed & Skirted Trapways
Most toilets have an exposed trapway that's often hard to clean because of its location behind the bowl. Toilets with a concealed trapway feature a smooth surface at the back of the toilet where the trapway would normally be visible. Skirted trapways go a step further and offer a clean line from front to back. Both concealed and skirted trapways simplify cleaning.
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